The MindEd Trust

Edward Mallen


Welcome. The MindEd Trust is a Registered Charity which is focused on the prevention of mental illness in young people and early intervention strategies for those experiencing trauma.

The Trust has been established following the tragic death of Edward Mallen, an outstanding young man who took his life on the railway following the inexplicable, rapid and catastrophic onset of severe depression in February 2015.

We mind what happened to Edward Mallen and we will do all we can to avert similar tragedies through the prevention and alleviation of mental ill-health amongst young people.

Via mindEducation programmes, we are mindEd to improve mental health for young people. Key objectives include:


The MindEd Trust and this website do not provide direct treatment or self-help resources. If you are experiencing mental difficulties and seeking assistance, or are affected by psychological trauma, either personally or indirectly, please see our assistance page.


Donations to The MindEd Trust are gratefully received and may be made via by MyDonate